Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How it All Started!

The first time I painted my nails I was like 15 year old I had never done it before.I started with  like with 3 bottles and then it was like 5 bottles of nail polish.But I never thought I was going to end up with so many.
In this picture you can't see it so well,on how many I really have!But it's lot.It was a day when I was on YouTube and I search "nail art" I was so surprised in the video I watch on the design the girls on YouTube made.I was so inspired by them.Collecting nail polish soon became a obsession.I go to the store and I would go straight to the nail stuff.I just was so into it.I wasted all my money and be broke, but now I am okay I still LOVE NAIL POLISH AND NAIL STUFF but I can control myself I think lol

Share your story on how you started.Any questions leave in the comment.Bye

-nail polish a girl best friend!or is it lip gloss?let just say
make-up a girl best friend!

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