Monday, August 13, 2012

Wishlist (Perfumes)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share will you what perfumes have been on my wishlist for a pretty long time and some of them that have just been added.I have four that are in the order I want to get them in and I hope to get them very soon maybe!

I am a girl that loves to have  a whole perfume collection.I know there are lot of girls like me out there in the world!

This is on my top list I am a bieber fan so I know I must get this!

Wow all I can say is this bottle is just beautiful.I am in love with it.I  read good review on this perfume so it be perfect for me.Have you heard she came out with a other perfume? I must have!

A other perfume by bieber that I must have in my collection.

Not to sure if this perfume should be in my wish list but I  guess I want it not as bad as the others but still want it.The part top (the lips) are sort of different from other perfumes.

That is all for today's post.Let me know if you have your own perfume collection?What perfume/perfumes are on your wishlist?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blue,Red and White Nails!

 Hello ladies!

Quick post to share what I am wearing on my nails!!Supporting USA in the Olympic!

I did mess up on the A on USA. ):

Sorry my nails might look messing I didn't clean up the polish.
I am using Blue Year's Eve, Poinsettia both my China Glaze.The rest are from Wet N Wild French White Creme,Hallucinate, Kaleidoscope.

Have a great day!Let me know if you are watching the Olympic.What team are you supporting?