Monday, August 13, 2012

Wishlist (Perfumes)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share will you what perfumes have been on my wishlist for a pretty long time and some of them that have just been added.I have four that are in the order I want to get them in and I hope to get them very soon maybe!

I am a girl that loves to have  a whole perfume collection.I know there are lot of girls like me out there in the world!

This is on my top list I am a bieber fan so I know I must get this!

Wow all I can say is this bottle is just beautiful.I am in love with it.I  read good review on this perfume so it be perfect for me.Have you heard she came out with a other perfume? I must have!

A other perfume by bieber that I must have in my collection.

Not to sure if this perfume should be in my wish list but I  guess I want it not as bad as the others but still want it.The part top (the lips) are sort of different from other perfumes.

That is all for today's post.Let me know if you have your own perfume collection?What perfume/perfumes are on your wishlist?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blue,Red and White Nails!

 Hello ladies!

Quick post to share what I am wearing on my nails!!Supporting USA in the Olympic!

I did mess up on the A on USA. ):

Sorry my nails might look messing I didn't clean up the polish.
I am using Blue Year's Eve, Poinsettia both my China Glaze.The rest are from Wet N Wild French White Creme,Hallucinate, Kaleidoscope.

Have a great day!Let me know if you are watching the Olympic.What team are you supporting?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pretty KleanColor Nail Polishes

Hey everyone!

Happy 4th of July.I hope everyone has a great save amazing day!

Today I have three nail polish I just got and I am in love with them.There freaking pretty!

I don't have a 4th of July manicure cause I am lazy.I have over a month ago that I don't do my nails anymore.But yet I still keep buying nail polish.Am I crazy for doing that??

 Anyways let get to those nail polish.


Closer look!I hope you get to see the beauty in all of them!

Let me know what you think of these nail polishes.Do you have them already? Also what are you doing for 4th of July.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pink Glitter Manicure

Hi ladies,
Today I have a pretty manicure I did sometime last week.Hope you enjoy.Let me know what you think!

Everything I used.Anyone need names?

See that pretty glitter!

Later girls have a great day.

Friday, May 11, 2012



Today I have a other haul that I been trying to post for a long time.I have been gone for so long not posting anything.That I decide to post this up cause I don't want it to seem like I never coming back.


Closer look.I was very lucky to be one of the lucky winners to get a free essie polish and it's becaustiful!I was also so happy I got the Sally hasen nail polish on sale.I was dieing to get this two polish.

I love my pink wide tooth comb.I also got those two hair clip for my hair there beatiful.I have to say I am not a big fan of the pink eyelash curler.
  That all for today!Thanks for reading!
I have a question is anyone having problems when posting a blog??

Friday, March 9, 2012

Nail polish Haul!


How long has it been that I have not written anything.I been so caught up with school and just things that happen in life.But I am back again.

So I have a haul to show you today.I think I was pretty lucky to get some of these nail polish because there like not  in stores any more.

All the nail polish.

LA Colors SPARKLING DIAMONDS,SinfulColors Cinderella,and Orly Twilight.

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia and Revlon Pink Freeze.

OPI Tease-y Does It and Sally Hansen Xrtreme Wear Purple Fiesta.

A new Top coat.I heard great things on this.
                                     If you want to see swatches on any of this polish let me know.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guest Post-Healing Through Nail Art By:Jackie Clark

Hi beautiful ladies,

I was asked by the lovely lady Jackie Clark if she could do a guest post.I decide it was a great idea for her to be the first to do a guest post in my blog.I hope you enjoy.


Healing Through Nail Art
By: Jackie Clark

Are you someone who is recovering from cancer? Do you find that you feel tired of dealing with doctors and constantly just not feeling like yourself? The problem is that whether you are dealing with mesothelioma cancer or any other kind of cancer at all, you are going to feel worn and run down. Cancer treatment, whether you are in the middle of it or at the end of it, is something that is exhausting and you might not have as much time to devote to the beauty rituals that you love.

When you can’t go all out because you are too tired, remember that there are still small ways to make yourself feel beautiful. When you love the idea of adding some color to yourself but you can’t stand the thought of devoting too much time or energy to it, take a look at your nails. Your nails give you a wonderful opportunity to get creative or you can simply give them one or two coats of polish that will help you look good.

When you can’t go all out because you are too tired, remember that there are still small ways to make yourself feel beautiful. When you love the idea of adding some color to yourself but you can’t stand the thought of devoting too much time or energy to it, take a look at your nails. Your nails give you a wonderful opportunity to get creative or you can simply give them one or two coats of polish that will help you look good.
One of the big advantages of doing your nails is that you can do it nearly anywhere. For example, if you know that you have lot of waiting ahead of you, take the time to paint your nails using something that will dry very quickly. You can be sure that the bright color from your nails will give you a bright smile, and if you are ready to stop to have your mind taken off the bigger things in your life, you’ll find that painting your nails provides you with a wonderful distraction.

Consider all of the fun colors you can use. Think about matching your nails to the changing seasons. Paint your nails in bright golds, browns and reds for fall, in icy blue for winter, in lime green and pink for spring and in bold purples and greens for summer. Use the nails as a place where you can play. Even a single bottle of nail polish can help bright your mood, especially if you purchase it in a color that you really love. You may want to get more creative by putting polka dots or stripes on your nails, or you might simply prefer to give your nails a few smooth and lovely coats of your favorite color.

The next time you are at the mall or the grocery store, stop and check out the colors that are available to you. It is worth springing for the nail polish that dries the quickest, just so you can see how good it looks even sooner.

Bring a little bit of color into your life through your nails and carry that lift throughout the rest of the day.

I hope you ladies found this very helpful.Thank you Jackie Clark.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Day's Mani #1


Today I will be showing you a manicure I think it easy to do and pretty for Valentine Day.

 What I did first was get the make-up sponge and add WetnWild to the top of my nails.I let it dry and added Bonita to the top too.I then added glitter to the bottom of my nail only.

No Top Coat in all pictures.

All things I used.
WetnWild Wild Shine in color lavender Creme
Bonita in color Barbie
Santee in color Angle Pink Glitter
Make-up sponge.

So let me know what you think.Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orly- Fiesta

Hello ladies,

So I finally had the time to paint my nails like on Sunday night.

My first coat of Fiesta was just lovely.It was just amazing I waited like 15 minutes to paint a other coat.Then I did and waited about 20 minutes.It never dried I waited and waited. Then I just gave up and went to sleep with my nails like that.I woke up the next morning and my nails were smeared.I hadn't even put a Top Coat on.

I have no idea what I did wrong.Has this ever happen to you??

Anyways on with the picture.I must admit fiesta is a very pretty color.

2 coats.No Top Coat.

2 coats.No Top Coat.
Well that all ladies take care and I post a VDAY manicure this week.So be on the look out for that.
Let me know if you like Orly nail polishes.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Small haul


Has anyone missed me?I guess not.I been gone for a very very long time.So I decide to update with a haul.I had a very bad week but now thats it's the weekend I think it's getting BETTER.

So I just got three polishes I know it's small but I been trying not to buy anymore.

Here we have NYX Girls in color Dynamic Glitter.Then we have Rimmel London 60 seconds in colors Shocker and Stop Traffic.

I got Dynamic Glitter at a store in the mall for $2.I just saw it and I knew it had to be my.It's so pretty!
And the Rimmel London polish I got at Sears for 0.82 cents!And I couldn't pass on a sale like that!

So thats is all for today.Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just for the Fun of it.

Hello ladies,

I decide to add series to my blog.So I can be more organize and be able to post more.So this might be a possible series.Where I show you something funny.

So I just happen to pass thought this video.It's pretty funny.Enjoy!

Let me know if you like to see more funny videos like this.Or should I continued this series.Let me know your thought on the video if you have any.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maybelline-Cool Couture

Hello ladies,

What a week.But so happy it's the weekend!I started my first week of school after 3 weeks of just being home.I sure miss sleeping late and waking up late!

Anyways today I have this beautiful color to share with you.It's a sort of dark gray/blue color.It has blue shimmer to it but you can't see it in the pictures.The formal was runny and it took me 3 coats to get it to look like this.

All pictures have 3 coats no Top Coat.

Or maybe I am wrong and you can see that blue shimmer in it.Let me know what you think.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Help!(Top Coat)

Hello ladies,

I ask that you ladies help me by telling me about a good top coat.I am always removing nail polish of my nails because it never dries and I mess up my nail polish.I am using Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Top & Base Toat.

Like today I did a manicure and it got all mess up because I put a top coat and I was waiting and waiting for it to dry like half a hour!It never did.

I have heard great things about Seche Vite but also bad!Like there a chemical that causes birth defects or reprodructive harm.
Anyways any other top caot you like to recommend.Let me know the name and where I can find it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Frankens (Help me choose names for them)

Hi ladies,

I hope today's post you will help me choose some names for this new polish I made.I want my followers to have a say on this so help me out.So any idea you get when you see them let me know.

If your wondering who this small hands are their my little sister.She helped me.But can't seem to hold
the bottle right.

 But for some reason she thought I was taking a picture
of her whole face with the hand and everything.She was getting all really to pose.

I will later make a post sharing how this look on my nails and the names after I get ideas from you ladies.

Anyways thanks for reading and hope you share your ideas for this.Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas gifts/haul (pic heavy)

Hello ladies,

I hope you are all having a great start in this New Year!Today post I show you some presents I got and a haul I did after Christmas that I haven't had the chance to show you.I didn't get lot but I did get other presents that I will not show cause it's money or gift cards.

So let get started.....

I got these nail polish collection of 8 polish.They have no name to it.But it's from a brand name Hedy's

Closer look at the polish.

I also got this lip glosses which are from the same brand.

I have to say the best present had to be from my parents!

Next is my haul.I am so lucky I got some great deals.

The set of 3 fragrance include Radiance,Curious,and Fantasy. I got it for $10.99.

Then I went to Sally Beauty Supply where I got these sets for $4 or less!

A picture of all the polish I got on sale!

Nail Polish names:
Let it Snow:
-Blue Year's Eve
-Snow Globe
Seasonal Sparkles:
-Twinkle Lights
Holiday Spirits:
-Ruby Pumps
-Dorothy Who?
Ma cherie
Finger Paints:
-Model Colour
-Art Dealer Teal-er
-Drummer Boy
-Sparkle Top Coat

Sorry ladies this post was so long I had lot to share with you.I took all the picture wiith my new camera.Whcih I think my picture look lot better now than when I took them with my phone.Anyways Let me know what you got for Christmas or what sales you got after Christmas.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just Wanted to Say.....

Hello ladies,

Today's post I don't have anything to show you.But I just wanted to Say HAPPY NEW YEARS.I hope you are all having a great time.

I can't wait to start a new year sharing with you ladies my love for make up and anything girlie.I am so happy I have a spot where I can share that with people that enjoy the same things.I am having so much fun doing it.I have meet some wonderful ladies.Thanks for all your comments, they put a smile on my face.I read them all.Thanks again ladies for making this so much FUN!

Anyways I spend yesterday with my family.We had a quite fun evening.I hope you had a great one with your love ones.Share with me what you did.Goals for this new year.Let me know!