Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Frankens (Help me choose names for them)

Hi ladies,

I hope today's post you will help me choose some names for this new polish I made.I want my followers to have a say on this so help me out.So any idea you get when you see them let me know.

If your wondering who this small hands are their my little sister.She helped me.But can't seem to hold
the bottle right.

 But for some reason she thought I was taking a picture
of her whole face with the hand and everything.She was getting all really to pose.

I will later make a post sharing how this look on my nails and the names after I get ideas from you ladies.

Anyways thanks for reading and hope you share your ideas for this.Let me know what you think!


  1. lol she got in a pose hehehehe
    did you make a nail polish :O
    <3 :D

  2. i looove the blue one! i'm HORRIBLE at coming up with names but maybe something like blue sonic? or sonic blue? i dont know it just came to mind. great job on these!


I love reading all your lovely comments or questions.So tell me what you think.