Monday, January 9, 2012

Help!(Top Coat)

Hello ladies,

I ask that you ladies help me by telling me about a good top coat.I am always removing nail polish of my nails because it never dries and I mess up my nail polish.I am using Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Top & Base Toat.

Like today I did a manicure and it got all mess up because I put a top coat and I was waiting and waiting for it to dry like half a hour!It never did.

I have heard great things about Seche Vite but also bad!Like there a chemical that causes birth defects or reprodructive harm.
Anyways any other top caot you like to recommend.Let me know the name and where I can find it.


  1. I use Barry M and it works well for me! Oh and it's a good price too! xx

  2. I hate sally hansen as a top coat, een the dried up polish becomes all wet! Try china glaze top coat but everyone seems to swear by SV for some reason!

  3. I never heard about those problems with seche vite, but I like 60second rush dry top coat. I buy it at Sally's it doesn't dry in a minute but it does dry completely in 10minutes!

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  4. Basically, Seche Vite has toluene in it, which can cause birth defects if you get too much of it. In typical nail product usage, you shouldn't get anywhere near the "unsafe level". However, because of the toulene, they're required by law to have the "this product contains substances known by the state of California to cause birth defects" notice on it.

    (In other words: they have the note on it so that someone can't sue them.)

  5. Seche vite dries really quickly but personally I don't like it because of the touluene and my nail peel the very next day. It is also expensive and dries on the bottle. After a while it also gets very thick. Normally I use any fast top coat. You just need to try a few and see what works best for you.


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