Saturday, January 28, 2012

Small haul


Has anyone missed me?I guess not.I been gone for a very very long time.So I decide to update with a haul.I had a very bad week but now thats it's the weekend I think it's getting BETTER.

So I just got three polishes I know it's small but I been trying not to buy anymore.

Here we have NYX Girls in color Dynamic Glitter.Then we have Rimmel London 60 seconds in colors Shocker and Stop Traffic.

I got Dynamic Glitter at a store in the mall for $2.I just saw it and I knew it had to be my.It's so pretty!
And the Rimmel London polish I got at Sears for 0.82 cents!And I couldn't pass on a sale like that!

So thats is all for today.Have a great weekend!


  1. love the sparkly one, so pretty xx

  2. Great haul, i love nail polishes and can never have too many! lol Love the glitter one!


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