Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas gifts/haul (pic heavy)

Hello ladies,

I hope you are all having a great start in this New Year!Today post I show you some presents I got and a haul I did after Christmas that I haven't had the chance to show you.I didn't get lot but I did get other presents that I will not show cause it's money or gift cards.

So let get started.....

I got these nail polish collection of 8 polish.They have no name to it.But it's from a brand name Hedy's Ma.nish.ma.

Closer look at the polish.

I also got this lip glosses which are from the same brand.

I have to say the best present had to be from my parents!

Next is my haul.I am so lucky I got some great deals.

The set of 3 fragrance include Radiance,Curious,and Fantasy. I got it for $10.99.

Then I went to Sally Beauty Supply where I got these sets for $4 or less!

A picture of all the polish I got on sale!

Nail Polish names:
Let it Snow:
-Blue Year's Eve
-Snow Globe
Seasonal Sparkles:
-Twinkle Lights
Holiday Spirits:
-Ruby Pumps
-Dorothy Who?
Ma cherie
Finger Paints:
-Model Colour
-Art Dealer Teal-er
-Drummer Boy
-Sparkle Top Coat

Sorry ladies this post was so long I had lot to share with you.I took all the picture wiith my new camera.Whcih I think my picture look lot better now than when I took them with my phone.Anyways Let me know what you got for Christmas or what sales you got after Christmas.


  1. wow great haul! The design on the first bottles look super cute and the array of colors look great too. I love going to Sallys, they always have great things on clearance.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I love my Canon! and I got some good sales as well!

  3. Love the Britney Spears perfumes!


  4. You got some gorgeous items! :)


  5. I'm sooo jealous of all the nail polish you got! My local Sallys didn't have many sale items, and none of them were nail polish :(

    Hey could you vote for me to be the next Rimmel 10? I'm Megan M. All the infos on my blog!


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