Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orly- Fiesta

Hello ladies,

So I finally had the time to paint my nails like on Sunday night.

My first coat of Fiesta was just lovely.It was just amazing I waited like 15 minutes to paint a other coat.Then I did and waited about 20 minutes.It never dried I waited and waited. Then I just gave up and went to sleep with my nails like that.I woke up the next morning and my nails were smeared.I hadn't even put a Top Coat on.

I have no idea what I did wrong.Has this ever happen to you??

Anyways on with the picture.I must admit fiesta is a very pretty color.

2 coats.No Top Coat.

2 coats.No Top Coat.
Well that all ladies take care and I post a VDAY manicure this week.So be on the look out for that.
Let me know if you like Orly nail polishes.


  1. I hate when that happens; I am so impaitent with my nails drying!

    That’s So Fletch

    xo, Jay

  2. gorgeous colour :)
    I love nail-polish but I hate waiting for it to dry!
    <3 :D


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