Friday, September 2, 2011

August Favorites

Hi Ladies,

I must say what a week!This been the worst week before I go back to school I have not been able to post because my parents are getting their kitchen fixed and my whole house is a big mess.I just can't believe this is the last week before I go back to school and it's been the worth,but enough with my mess up life.

Once again August is gone and we are in the next one!Be sad or be happy it's here!

August Favorite
Here I picked face products,deodorant,and book.
  • I love the Suave 24 hours protection deodorant.It smells great like powder.Can you guess why I got it?Cause it had a hint of PINK color!I know I am crazy!
  • Noxzema Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Pads I think are great if you don't have sensitive skin.The pads also have a very strong smell.But I think this works great to dry pimples up.
  • I love Montagne Jeunesse Mask.Here I have the Chocolate one.

If you ladies have not read the Private Series from Kate Brian you are missing out in great series filled with love and ton of drama!This book is The Private Prequel and I love it!You must first read the first book in The Private Series!

That is all for today have a great weekend.I will loving my last days before I go back to school!
Any question or comments leave below.


  1. Great August favorites!
    Enjoy your last few days of summer! :)

  2. I always enjoy these favorite post!

  3. I love that deodorant, I use it myself! I love reading peoples month's favorites!


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