Monday, August 8, 2011

Nail Poish Haul/Rite Sale on WetNWild

Happy Monday Ladies,

I am just going to do a small post of my latest nail polish haul.ENJOY!

Got all these for 0.69 cents each!WetnWild nail polish!!

closer look from the top

Then I just got this from a other store.(:

Also these!

Well that all ladies have a great day and I be posting a nail design tomorrow!If you want to see any of these color please let me know and I will show them too you.I am very sorry I didn't put in any brand names!


  1. great haul! my walgreens had the same sale a while back and i got lots of the wnw black creme! its the best one coat black ever:}}

  2. Makes me wanna go on a nail polish haul! They're so cheap :o
    Lucy xx

  3. Great haul!
    such a glorious wet n wild purchase, glad you got that deal(:

    <3 BB


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