Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beauty Finds For $1

Hi Ladies,

So today I have a post for you on saving some money on some beauty products I know you made use.So I went to Dollar Tree and .99 cents store and see what I got for a $1.

I got Cotton Squares,Facial Wipes,lip gloss,Nail Polish.

I got the facial Wipes from Dollar Tree I love these!Cause I use to take my water proof mascara and they work!The Cotton Squares I got at .99 cents store.

I saw new nail polish at dollar tree from L'Oreal .The nail polish I never seen before,it's a pretty pink color I will review it later.The lip gloss which smells like cotton candy from Smacker.I love the lipgloss too.

Okay ladies that is all for today.I hope this post will help you save some money on beauty products all pretty ladies need.Next time take a look at your Doller tree or .99 cents store and you will be surprise at what you will find!Sorry for the bad picture *taking with my phone!):So what do you ladies think of some of these products comment or question leave below!Thanks for reading.


  1. I've found good stuff at Dollar Tree! You just never know what you might find. I definitely want to see swatches of the nail polish. :)

  2. Love Dollar Store Shopping!

  3. I love the Dollar store! haha most finger nail polish is like over $3, it makes me mad.!

    But i love your blog! and i think we should Follow eachother :]


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