Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hi Ladies,

Today I have a beautiful pink nail color to share with you.I am in love with.It's pink and it has glitters in it.Very cute and girlie!The application was easy.I really just needed one coat but decide to do two!So let get to the pictures!So take a look for yourself and see why I love it so much!

Only one coat of KleanColor in Glamour Barbie.No top Coat

Two Coats and Top Coat!

Two Coats and Top Coat

Two Coats and Top Coat.

 I am sorry if my picture suck I been taking pictures with my phone.I don't have my own camera at the moment.**Sorry!I was using my mom but not anymore it was becoming to much work cause it's her and not my!I hope I will get my new camera **soon!DO MY PICTURE REALLY SUCK??
Thanks for reading girls!


  1. Pretty polish! Your photos are fine- no worries!

  2. The photos are fine :) You can see it all! Lovely colour.
    Lucy x

  3. Photos are fine!

  4. heheh I thought was a holo but is not:) Pretty colour anyway


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