Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Favorites

Hello Ladies,

Super excited for the 1st day of December!!Winter is my favorite season!

I haven't posted in a long time.I think I have lost many reader because of that.I will start posting again !Anyways this is a really short post.If you noticed I didn't post a October Favorites I was just so busy I missed it.

Today post is just some of my favorites products I have use lot this month.But I have little product to share. ):

My Favorites for this month are:

  • Freeman Facial Peel-off Mask Cucumber-I love this mask because it peel off and for a weird reason I just like peeling it off.I know I am a freak!
  • Wet N Wild Eye Make-up Remover-I use this to clean any mistakes I have done when putting make up on my eyes!It works great but not so great when it goes in my eye!
  • Rimmel London Sweet Jelly in 100 TUTTI FRUTTI-Lovely smell  and very glossy.I am not sure if you can get this in a drugstore.I have never seen it.
Okay ladies have a great day.I talk to you soon.I be posting my latest haul soon!

Are you excited for a new month?Cause I sure am!So let me know.

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